Adding Expenses

In this article, we'll have a quick look at how Tiro lets you manage your expenses.

To manage your expenses, click on the Expenses item on the Tiro menu (that's the black menu on the left hand side of the page).

You'll be taken to the Expenses list view. This page gives you a broad overview of the expenses you've incurred.

Click the Add New button on the top right of the page to record a new expense.

These are the fields you'll need to understand:

  1. Expense. Enter a summary of the expense. This field will be visible on the expense list view.
  2. Category. Select the category of expense from the list provided. The list includes entries such as floor fees, stationery, telephone costs, and so on. Tiro manages the expense categories centrally. (If you would like a category that doesn't appear, just contact us to request the extra account).
  3. Details. Use this field to record details of the expense, such as the supplier, or individual line items purchased .
  4. Amount. Use this field to enter the total amount of the expense, including GST if applicable. 
  5. Use the GST Included to indicate whether this expense is GST Free, or BAS excluded. 
  6. GST Amount. This field records the total GST of the expense. If you have GST Included selected on the previous field, Tiro will calculate the GST proportion from the total. You can then override this amount if you need to.
  7. Matter. Use the matter field only if you wish to pass on the expense to a client, such as where you are billing for travel and accommodation expenses. Select the matter to which the expense relates, and when you create an invoice for that matter, you will be able to add the expense to your invoice.
  8. Expense Type. For accounting purposes, you can record that an expense is a Capital Purchase rather than an ordinary expense.
  9. Expense Date. Use this field to record the date the Expense was paid.

Once you've entered your data, use the Submit field to make sure the expense is saved.

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