Can I import my data from another system?

Can I import my data from another system?

The short answer is YES!

But importing data can be more complicated than you might think (to do it well, anyway). So we like to manage the process for you. Because of the complexities, we like to manage that process ourselves.

We'll need to know what system you're thinking about moving from, and we'll need a copy of your data file. Just drop us a line at and tell us what system you want to import the data from.

Do you keep my data file?

No. Once we've imported your data for you, we will destroy it (unless it's your only copy, in which case we'll give it back to you -- but you should think about a backup!).

Can I export my data from Tiro?

Again, the answer is YES! At this stage, we have a data export function, but it's only available to us. We are working on a way of letting you export all your data yourself. But we understand that your data is yours, not ours.

So if you decide that Tiro isn't for you, just email us at and we'll arrange delivery of your data to you in CSV format.

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