Introducing the Matter View

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The matter view is designed to give you access to all the important aspects of a matter. It does this by presenting this information to you in a number of panes.

The main matter pane, in dark blue, gives you summary information about the matter. At the top is the matter name, and case number, if you have one. You can also see who the client is, the court and location as well as links to the costs agreement and the current brief.

You can see the global to-do list in light blue on the right hand side of the screen.

Keep track of the people associated with a matter by maintaining a list of correspondents.

Tasks and Time Logging

See the tasks which associated with a matter in the upcoming tasks pane. From this pane you can also manage the tasks associated with a brief.

See how much work you've done on a matter, and log time against those tasks, from the Time Logged pane.


Convert the time you've logged into invoices with ease from the Invoices pane. Keep track of how much is owing from your client, and process payments in a few quick steps.

File notes

Below the to-do list, is the file note pane, from which you can add a note about your matter. File notes are listed at the bottom of the screen in reverse chronological order.

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