Introducing the Dashboard

The Tiro dashboard is the first screen you’ll see when you log in.
It has been designed to give you an immediate overview of the important aspects of your practice: what you have been working on; what you need to be working on; how much you’re owed; and who owes it to you.

Whilst the Dashboard presents summary information most panes have click through reporting enabled which allows you to get in to the details without having to navigate to another screen or run individual reports. Want to see a list of invoices that are 1-30 days overdue, no need to run a aged debtor report, with Tiro you just click on the 1-30 days title in the money owed pane and you will be directed straight to the required information.

At the top of the Dashboard, as with all other screens throughout Tiro, you will see the time tracker and global search function. Time tracker allows you to allocated time to a specific brief using a stopwatch function. Global search allows you to enter in a string of search text which dynamically return results from across all Tiro modules.
In this way Tiro helps you identify the most effective ways to spend your time.

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